About Tropica Nursery

Tropica Nursery started in 1991 as a specialist grower of Grafted Adeniums and Euphorbia Milli at Vangani, near Mumbai. Since then we have expanded to several locations at three altitudes - Sea level, 600 meters and 1200 meters.

Though grafted Adeniums continue to be a major item, we now grow a very large range of traditional Foliage Pot Plants, especially Aglaonema, Dieffenbachia and Scindapus. We also grow lots of Bromeliads - Neoregalia, Aechmea, Tillandsia, and others.

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We offer World Class Liners & Cuttings!

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Tough, slow-growing plants with a sculptured, architectural look. Heat resistant and able to take low light better than most, these plants need to be really dry before you water them again. One important trick is to keep them in a small pot as long as possible – a common source of failure happens when nicely growing plants are re-potted into bigger pots and the growing media cannot dry out – these plants can grow very happily in a smaller pot than what you think is possible

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Echeveria & Hybrids

Another big group with hundreds of hybrids. Has many gems and easy to grow cultivars, which is what we offer.

All like bright light but not hot sun, cool nights and wet/dry cycles for watering. Colour is best during cool winter conditions and can be dull during hot summers but comes back as soon a temperatures cool down.

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Our Breeding Programs

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