We offer a big range of Foliage Pot plants. The most important genera are Aglaonema, of both types: Those with coloured foliage (derived, ultimately, from A. rotundum) and green foliage cultivars (mostly derived from A. commutatum) with many exclusive ones selected for compact growth in smaller pot sizes – we specialise in mini cultivars for small pots and have a bigger range of compact cultivars suitable for 12-15 cm pots than anyone we know; Dieffenbachia, especially Mini and Midi cultivars, all of which we offer as Rooted Cuttings and Liners in SQ60 pots; Cordyline especially Mini cultivars including a couple of our own exclusive selections.

Special mention must go to the very new Euphorbia francoisii Hybrids – succulents that are also great looking, easy to grow and tough, almost Jewel-like Foliage Pot Plants.Finally, Sansevieria: though these are also considered as Foliage Pot Plants we list them too along with our succulents since they are, to a lesser or greater degree, leaf succulents and are best grown and treated as such.


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