Tropica Nursery specialises in a few Potted Flowering Plants, especially Grafted Adeniums and Euphorbia milii. We are world class growers of Grafted Adenium Hybrids with big range of hybrids, substantial volume of production and many sizes from Hybrid Adenium Seeds (Export Only) to Liners and all the way to 1.5-meter-tall, 25 years old specimen plants.

Our range of Adenium hybrids and our quality keeps improving and we already are one of the largest producers of quality Adenium grafts in the world, with our own breeding program and, coming soon, a unique line of "Mini Adenium Hybrids” for 12 to 15 cm pots, small enough to be grown on windowsills all over the world.

In Euphorbia milii Hybrids our range is relatively small but that’s because we have selected only the best of Thai and our own hybrids – cultivars that are very floriferous rather than strongly vegetative and with large flowers. We worked out the difficulties in propagation of the large flowering types (‘Poysean types’) and offer them in volumes as Rooted Cuttings (RC).


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