Ordering information

Terms & Conditions

Minimum order value - Rs. 50,000/- (Before Packing, Forwarding & Transport)
All prices are Ex-Nursery. Packing & Handling is extra. Transport is charged extra as per actual.
100% Payment in advance. Plants can be expected to be dispatched within 3-4 days after we receive payment in our account but this is variable depending on season etc.
Our responsibility ceases once goods are delivered to the transporter/ railways. Please contact us immediately in case of any delay or discrepancy in the parcels – we are happy to follow up. All Responsibility for Unloading of Goods from delivery vehicles and/or Collection of Goods from Transporters / Railways /Airport etc. lies with the buyer at all times.
Once prepared, the quotation for any order is valid for 15 days.
We provide Complimentary Delivery within Mumbai limits for orders valuing Rs.50,000/- or more. T&C Apply – contact us for more details - Local Dispatches are scheduled once every 3-5 days. You will be informed of the delivery schedule once the order is confirmed and payment has been received.
Please Note: Plants are Perishable products and availability and rates can change from time to time.
The Monthly Price List only provides an indication of our plants and their rates. Please note that the prices of the plants can vary from those mentioned on the Price List from time to time.

In case we do not have stock of some plants in a particular size, we sometimes substitute with a larger size at no extra cost.
However, when you order the same plant again and get the regular size, please keep this in mind and do not compare it with the extra-large plants received earlier.
Booking orders with the buyers’ preferred transport mode is a service we provide for the convenience of our customers.
We do not take any responsibility for the handling of the goods once the boxes are booked with the respective transporter/ train/ airline etc.

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