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Tropica Nursery has been growing pot plants commercially since 1990; we started by growing Adeniums and Euphorbia milii and slowly added Foliage plants, then Bromeliads and, relatively recently, Succulents.

Tropica Nursery LLP has been growing ornamental pot plants commercially since 1990; we started with  Adeniums and Euphorbia milii and slowly added Foliage plants, then Bromeliads and, relatively recently, Sansevieria & Succulents.

We grow at 3 locations at different altitudes: Sea level, 600 meters, and 1200 meters ASL.  This allows us to grow a very wide range of plants really well. Through experiment & experience, we have found the best locations to propagate various varieties and the best location for further growth (these are not necessarily the same!).

Going ahead we will continue to increase the number of varieties we grow. We have a significant in-house breeding program for Adeniums, HiColor Aloes, and Euphorbia francoisii. Our growers keep their eyes open for mutations in the plants we grow in bulk, especially Sansevieria, so we continue to find new variants and cultivars on a regular basis, some of which may be commercially important in the future.

Apart from increasing varieties, we see a trend for us to offer smaller pot sizes and continue to expand our range of Rooted & Unrooted cuttings (RC/URCs), Liners, and Pre-Finished plants. That allows us to leverage our expertise in plant production, leaving it to our buyers to finish the plants locally for final sales. 

From the beginning, we have grown all our plants using soilless growing media based on coco coir derivatives in plastic pots (supplied mainly by our sister concern, Hosco). All plants are grown on raised metal benches under simple Polyhouses (or high tunnels, which we construct ourselves!) for rain protection. 

These routines for clean cultivation have allowed us to substantially increase our exports; our main export focus is the developed and highly quality-conscious markets of The Netherlands, USA, Japan & South Korea. Recently we have started exporting ready potted plants to the Middle East, with good results and repeat orders.

We have a long product pipeline in place and new plants continue to be introduced on a regular basis; apart from plants selected through our own breeding programs or variation found in the house, TNLLP serves as a bridge between the world of plant collectors (where individual plants are tens or hundreds of Dollars each) and the world of commercial, mainstream horticulture, bringing new, hitherto rare plants to hobbyists at very modest rates.

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