One of the most mainstream Foliage Pot Plants, Aglaonemas have a lot of positives:

  1. They are on NASA’s list of Air cleaning plants.
  2. They can tolerate some of the lowest light levels of any common indoor plant (though, like with all plants, good light levels are key to plant longevity and quality maintenance).
  3. Unlike many Aroids Aglaonema causes noirritation to skin and mucous membranes.
  4. The relatively new Colored Leaf Aglaonemas, bred in Indonesia and Thailand from A. rotundum and other species give a splash of color and yet are tough indoor plants – there is almost nothing else that can give this much color under such low light conditions.
  5. Aglaonemas used to come only in tall, big plant sizes; however, modern hybrids are much more compact and we even have hybrids that are very suitable for 10 or 12 cm pots.
  6. In terms of maintaining them, Aglaonemas prefer to be allowed to dry out quite a bit (within limits!) and they tend to get leaf rot – any leaves with the beginning if rot should be removed immediately from the base.

Tropica Nursery grows a lot of Aglaonemas – all are modern, compact hybrids and we divide them into Mini, Midi & Maxi cultivars based on the finished sizes and general growth tendencies.


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