Liners & Cuttings (COMING SOON!!)

We started offering Rooted & Unrooted cuttings (RC/URCs) and Young plants/Liners for our export customers and we now are offering many of the same for local purchase.

In most developed nursery markets, plant production is divided into RC/URC & Liner Producers on one hand and Finished Plant Producers on the other. In India, to a large extent, ornamental plant growers tend to do all these products in-house, not realising the need for the specialised expertise needed to produce high quality young plants to grow on; Nor having an accurate handle on costs, uncertainties and problems of their self-propagated plants.

Just as vegetable farmers have come to realise the benefits of buying in Vegetable Seedlings, ornamental plant growers are fast realising the benefits of outsourcing the early propagation phase of plant production and concentrating on producing quality finished plants and on the marketing & customer education effort needed to sell the same.

Tropica Nursery LLP also does it all but for many product lines we have developed wide expertise in the production of cuttings and young plant production with regular help from our foreign importing partners over many decades. We now offer an ever-increasing range of RC/URC cuttings and young plants/Liners as we cut back on production of Finished Plants.

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