Our Breeding Programs

Tropica Nursery has something new to offer, Always!

We have a product pipeline that allows us to continually add new plants on a regular basis. We have introduced scores of new plants to mainstream horticulture, bridging the gap between very high-priced collector market andthe comparatively very modestly priced regular nursery industry.

For some plants – Adenium hybrids, Colourful Aloes and Euphorbia francoisii – we have an extensive breeding and selection program that gives us new cultivars and product lines on a regular basis. In addition, for most other plants but especially Sansevieria, Scindapsus, Haworthia and other succulents we all keep our eyes and minds open and sporadically find mutations and variations that often turn out to be valuable new cultivars.

We will continue to add new cultivars in almost all the main lines we offer into the foreseeable future – many of these new cultivars are and will continue to be protected by Plant Patent (USA) and Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) in countries where this is possible – unlicensed plant propagation of these cultivars would then be illegal.

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