Adenium Obesum

Till about 20 years ago, there were only pink flowered Adeniums. Then we got some reds and a white. After that, some patterns were introduced from Adenium somalense crispum. Crosses were made with A. swazicum to get deeper colors. Finally, about 10 years ago a double was found and we got doubles, triples, and even more layers of petals per flower.

Today we have a big range of colors, lots of patterns, multiple petal layers and plants with different growth patterns. At Tropica we have selected the best out of over 300 cultivars and generally graft from this selection.

Our selections flower well with lots of buds per inflorescence, have deep green shiny leaves, branch well on pruning and are not easily susceptible to spider mites.


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CD 10

GenusAdenium Obesum
Flower TypeDouble
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