We grow a large number of products apart from Adeniums and Euphorbia milii hybrids. Some of them, such as Cycas revoluta and Nolina (Beaucarnea) are very big crops for us. Many of the others are still under trial or stock build up. A lot are still being grown as hobby plants because I like them- they may or may not be commercial items in the future.

The major plants or plant groups that we grow are listed below and some pictures are provided to show the varieties, quality etc. Please feel free to contact us of you are interested in any or wish to have further information.


We grow several species from seed- currently we have good stocks of A. meyerii and A. myriocladus. Asparagus meyerii plants are available in 6cm square pots while the more expensive A. myriocladus are in #3 Europots.


We are trying to build up stock of this slow growing but superb indoor plant. We are looking for more material and any Indian suppliers (especially in Calcutta) are welcome to make offers for 10,000 or more plants.


We are growing several good bamboo cultivars including the Golden Bamboo that is so popular in S.E. Asia (I have no definite botanical identification on this one). They find it a bit difficult to take our hot and arid summers and serious propagation hasn't been attempted yet.


We are growing over a score of edible Banana cultivars and several ornamental ones including the native Ensete superbum. In the latter I have seen some very attractive clones with deep red mid ribs and would like to acquire this.

Biophytum sensitivum:

This is a curious plant that we grow, primarily for seed production. As of now the small, explosive seed pods have defied our attempts at large scale collection- trials continue. I have noticed a clone in our population with darker green foliage and it would be interesting to isolate this. Another interesting selection would be for plants with faster than normal reaction to touch.


India has a huge gene pool for this genus but very little systemic collection. I feel this is one item that fits into my need for colorful pot plants that can take true tropical heat and are easy and fast to grow etc. I have gathered together a small collection of cultivars that make good pot plants but nothing serious or large scale is being attempted at present- maybe in the near future!


After years of trial and error we are at last successful in growing Bromeliads other than the Pineapple. I have a strong desire to build up a good collection of superior cultivars and am looking for growers who have large commercial collections and would be willing to trade/sell pups. Please contact me if you are interested.


Several compact hybrids have caught my fancy several years ago and we have built up reasonable populations of these. Some are available for sale. I don't really know if we are going to do anything much with them in the near future but the interest remains on the horizon. I would be interested in acquiring truly superior cultivars.

Cereus peruvianus:

An old plant we picked up as a cutting from Patuck Nursery in Andheri; makes a good pot and landscape plant and is fast growing if given some care. Can take a lot of abuse and shrivels up in our summer if not watered but takes off strongly with the coming of the monsoon. Plants/cuttings are available for sale.


These caught my fancy because of interest from overseas buyers and I am surprised at the amount of variation and the number of cultivars available in this genus. Maybe because there are several species naturalized in India, I keep finding variations in the trade. We have selected several superior cultivars and are building up stock for export and local sales.

Cochleospermum double:

The species grows wild in the Western Ghats and has a bright yellow flower with five petals. Our cultivar is a spectacular, fast growing small tree with fully double flowers the size of tea saucers, borne in large numbers from December to February on leafless branches. An easy to grow plant that seems difficult to propagate at present (but trials continue). A few plants are available from time to time.


We imported Cycas revoluta seeds from Japan many years ago and the plants are growing well for us. Potted plants of excellent quality are available with us and export enquiries are welcome. This is one of the crops that do particularly well for us and we are very interested in contract growing it for bulk buyers who can supply seeds. We have successfully exported one reefer container or potted Cycas to Europe with CITES certification. We also sell its cut foliage locally.


I am only interested in and grow the very dwarf cultivars of this genus; over the years we have gathered a number of cultivars, most of which are unnamed. They are all relatively slow growing and may not be commercially viable; nevertheless we are trying to build up stock of these and studying the plants to find better and faster ways to grow them.

Foliage from TC liners:

We have tried growing various foliage plants from Tissue Culture and have no great difficulties in hardening ex-agar plants. Some of the plants we have include Philodendrons, Spathiphyllum, Syngonium, Diffenbachia, Alocasia etc.

I would be very happy to locate suppliers of quality tissue culture material in India and abroad. Of particular interest are tropical ferns.



Tropical fruits have been of special interest to me for many years and we grow quite a large numbers of elite cultivars of fruits like Pomello, Jackfruit, Wax Apple, etc. For various reasons growing these in commercial volumes for their fruit is not viable for us but we are considering the potential of propagating these plants for sale.


The typical basic Hedychium is a commonly cultivated plant in Maharashtra and the fragrant flowers are sold on the roadside. We have some really nice new hybrids with orange and yellow flowers. These haven't been propagated in large numbers yet but offsets are available to collectors and for exchange.


A number of very dwarf compact Lagerstroemia hybrids are being tried as pot plants by us; so far they have been disappointing but its early days yet and we hope to grow these better in the future.

Perennial Peanut:

A very useful ground cover and living mulch; it seems to take our heat pretty well but doesn't like alkaline soil. We have ample mother stocks but haven't propagated this plant yet. I feel it has a lot of potential in landscapes and as a ground cover in fruit plantations.

Exocaria bicolor variegata:

A very attractive plant that is frustratingly difficult to propagate. We are able to root a few cuttings annually but large scale propagation eludes us so far. Trials continue and if successful this will make a great pot and hanging basket plant.


Like Cycas revoluta, this is another plant that seems to like our environmental conditions. We are growing it in very large numbers and can offer it in a variety of forms and sizes. Several containers of bare root bulbs have been exported to Europe and bulk enquiries are welcome.


We grow a number of ornamental pineapple cultivars, mostly the small fruited types with purple to orange thornless leaves. These are good as pot plants as well as cut flowers. These are in a stock build up stage; we also need to work out the protocol for fruiting them in 15cm pots.


Like Bougainvillea, India is rich in Plumeria cultivars. We have about 75 cultivars in the ground. Of these about 25 are really superior and worth large scale propagation and cultivation, primarily for landscape use. For collectors we are offering complete collections of rooted cuttings/grafts. We also hope to offer larger field grown material in the future for local sales.


In the last few years Poinsettia has become a regular crop with substantial seasonal sales in India; we have identified a few varieties that are superior to the ones generally being produced locally and hope to offer these in the near future for local sales.


Now botanically Tradescantia, we are propagating a selected variegated cultivar which makes an excellent, quick growing colorful pot plant. The color of the offsets is an issue: too white and it's too slow; too green and it is no longer special and attractive- after a couple of years of selection, we have more or less stabilized this to get an optimum color level. Pots plants are available locally and offsets for export in limited quantities.


We grow several different clones, partly as a hobby. Some show promise as low cost, very durable pot plants. Others are already good pot plants but not available locally and we are building up stock to be able to offer them to the trade.


We grow three varieties- Marble Queen, Golden King and a new cultivar with no name as yet. A fourth one is being selected. The former two are offered for local sales as hanging baskets; pots and moss stick plants will follow.



We grow a considerable range of succulents, mostly as a hobby but some we feel have commercial potential if enough material was available. Our conditions are suitable for growing many at low cost provided plastic cover is provided during the monsoon. It may be possible to offer these as pot plants at some time in the future.

Variegated Lily:

This is the heavily variegated form of Hymenocallis littoralis; we grow this in bulk in the ground. It is a great landscape plant for frost free areas as well as an easy pot plant. Dormant bulbs are available from December to May, pots most of the year. We can supply almost any quantity for large scale planting in big landscape projects.


This has been a part of my succulent collection since about 20 years but in the last 10 a select clone has been propagated with deep green erect leaves and broad leaflets with a natural shine. It is an excellent indoor plant and will last indefinitely with only bright indirect sunlight. The only down side is its slow growth. We have built up quite a substantial mother plant stock and will be offering it for local and export sales in 2005.


We are in the process of offering three different Zebrina cultivars as hanging basket plants for local sales. Using these cultivars, our clean, light weight growing media and correct feed allows us to produce a very attractive product which we can offer at low prices in the local market.


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